Health, safety, and environmental security in today’s fast-paced and performance-driven job ethics have become an important feature of every industry. A significant shortcoming facing organizations in this respect is the mobilization of qualified Health & safety practitioners.

At Al Salama School of Safety Studies in Thrissur, we have the resources to enable employees and workers to reduce injuries or diseases related to employment. Successful teaching creates workers where they are motivated to improve working conditions in their workplaces.

Our courses

IOSH course in Thrissur

IOSH is the leading specialist body in the world for professionals in charge of occupational safety and wellbeing. IOSH works like a champion, sponsor, counselor, lobbyist, and mentor for health and safety practitioners working in all sizes of organizations. At the highest levels, IOSH provides a clear, autonomous, authoritative voice to the protection and health profession. IOSH Securely Handling is planned for all areas of administrators and supervisors.

The course delivers realistic, step-by-step instruction with a sharp, hands-on, and jargon-free market emphasis. The creative format and content are entertaining and encouraging, essential to your whole organization’s incorporation of safety and health.

  • Evidence and case studies that are unforgettable and thought-provoking
  • Supported by simple explanations and familiar situations, modules
  • To reinforce main points, summaries
  • Checklists and supplied products for subsequent occupational use
  • Discus and interactive quiz

BOSIET course in Thrissur

In Al Salama School of Safety Studies in Thrissur, BOSIET emergency training is given. The teaching offered incorporates both theoretical and practical implementation, ensuring that both dimensions can be readily grasped by the learner. The cumulative training hours are about 22.5 hours. A credential is given to the applicant in order to certify that a person has completed the training successfully. It is really hard to work in offshore environments. However, however dangerous offshore exploration areas are, it cannot be ignored that they are equal in scale.


  • Fire and Safety Course in Thrissur

    The Al Salama School of Safety Studies in Thrissur Training Institute, which offers a high-level Diploma in Fire & Safety-Fire Fighting, is one of the leading automation training institutions in Kerala. The Science and Technical Education Development Council has approved the Diploma in Fire and Safety course. The syllabus of the Fire and Safety Certificate includes fire engineering, building safety, industrial safety, and safety prevention in detail. The Fire and Safety Diploma course is aimed at improving fundamental skills and includes basic and specialized fire and safety technology.

    The key subjects discussed are:

    • Electric threats and mechanisms of defense
    • Fire Chemistry and Defense from Fire
    • Security of Excavation
    • Handling by Manual
    • Crane Procedures and Rigging
    • Assessment of Threats
    • Confined room and Job System Authorization
    • Investigation of Injuries
    • The First Assistance
    • Evacuation Emergency
    • Security of Actions




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