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Al Salama School of Safety Studies, premier Educational Institute for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), provides a wide variety of purpose-led health and safety courses appropriate for all levels and qualifications, from senior management to site operational.

For each of our courses, there is a variety of learning choices to encourage you to select the one that fits your needs the most. At our training center, we hold courses during the year, where learners benefit from a dedicated learning atmosphere, free from ordinary disruptions. We will offer a customized course at your office if your business wants to train multiple workers. We offer a variety of online courses in health and safety that can be completed in your own environment.

We offer health and safety courses and qualifications from:


Health and Safety Training

This basic curriculum of health and safety instruction addresses the main health and safety fields on which you are constitutionally mandated to educate your workers. This gives an easy-to-follow but detailed guide to the key issues that will keep the office safe.

Outcomes of learning

  • Get a clearer view of the health and safety obligations of everyone
  • Be able to describe the various kinds of safety signals and what they signify
  • Gain a clearer understanding of the categories of occupational dangers and threats and how to avoid accidents and injuries

About the Health and Safety course

Health and Safety Training is constitutionally required for everyone in the workplace, and this course offers the best guide to health and safety – whether as an orientation method, refresher, or for individuals transitioning positions within the organization.

This IOSH Certified Health and Safety Training sets a solid basis for occupational health and safety in general, helping workers identify and eliminate workplace hazards, and demonstrating what to do to mitigate sickness and avoid injuries at work.

It looks at roles and regulatory standards, threats and risks, occupational safety signs, the working atmosphere, and emergency measures in the workplace, such as fire evacuation and calling for emergency services. Fire awareness; slides, trips, and falls; manual handling; basic DSE; basic COSHH; and electrical protection are briefly protected by health and safety basics.

Our courses can be finished in one go or they can be performed in bits of bite-size – whichever suits.

Importance of Health and Safety Training

It is important that you comply with the legislation and consider the ways that it impacts you and the way you operate.

The Health and Safety Fundamentals curriculum provides a starting point for health and safety preparation in the workplace, addressing the fundamental skills needed to help avoid some of the most common workplace injuries and diseases.

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