Fire and Safety

Fire safety is a series of procedures designed to reduce the damage caused by fire. The fire protection measures shall include those that are intended to prevent the ignition of an uncontrolled fire and those that are used to restrict the creation and effects of a fire after it has started.

Our course duration: 2 Months

Course Fees: 25000



Fire and Safety Course

Fire and safety courses are also commonly recognized as Fire and Safety Technology/Fire and Safety Management. In spite of their different titles, these courses share the same training module and content.

Fire and safety courses concentrate on fire science and firefighting. The training curriculum includes subjects such as firefighting, fire prevention, hydraulics, first aid, firefighting devices, communication systems, fire safety engineering, chemistry, and physics.

There is a misconception that fire and safety personnel are employed primarily by fire brigades and fire services. In reality, fire and safety professionals are also employed by chemical plants, industries, MNCs, oil firms, refineries, power stations, and construction companies.

Category of fire and safety courses

    • Fire & Safety Certificate Course

    Certificate courses in Fire and Safety can be taken by any student who has successfully completed a Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or its equivalent from the Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) and the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination or ICSE.

    • Institute of Industrial Training Course.

    This area of study is also provided by privately owned institutions. However, in order to qualify as a firefighter for the government or a large corporation, you will have to pass a check by an organization or an approved state-run entity. You would need an SSC, HSC, or similar to register for these courses.

    These courses have a length of one year. They open a window of opportunity for you to work in fire departments and fire brigades run by state governments and counties, state-owned corporations, banks, and various ministries.

    • Diploma of Fire and Safety

    Students who have completed their SSC, HSC, or equivalent will participate in Diploma courses in Fire and Safety. Depending on the institute you enroll in, a standard fire and safety certificate will have a period of 11 months to two years

    Diploma and advanced degree courses in fire and safety are also required for Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) graduates. These are highly specialized, as we shall elaborate on in this article.


    • Assorted Fire and Safety courses.

    Importance of fire and safety education and professionals for India, a number of educational institutions have designed a multitude of short and long-term courses in this area.

    What are the fire and safety jobs?

    Fire Sub-Officer: Fire Brigades and Fire Stations.

    Fire Officer: Fire Brigades and Fire Services in the private sector as well.

    Fireman: General word for fire first responders. This is a place that you can apply for with a simple fire and safety certificate. There is no shortage of businesses searching for firemen.

    Fire Inspectors: Fire investigators are employed by insurers, banks, and fire brigades. Their job is to investigate the cause of a fire, to find lapses in fire prevention, and to detect arson.

    Equipment Testing Experts: Unknown to most people, fire extinguishers mounted in residential premises, offices, warehouses, and factories need to be refilled every year. In addition, these extinguishers need to be checked to ensure that the firing pin works properly. Equipment testing experts also search for such items as immediate availability of fire hydrants, fire alarm testing, and similar equipment.

    How are the salaries for fire and safety jobs?

    According to US-based PayScale, which keeps track of salary and remuneration patterns worldwide, India’s fire and safety specialist earns between Rs. 170,000 and Rs. 730,000 per year. PayScale revised the figures on 19 December 2017. These statistics are based on feedback given by some 920 people employed in the fire and safety sector in India.

    On average, Fireman earns Rs.330,000 per year as a wage, while Safety Officers earn Rs.282,000 per year. Fire Fighters receive an annual wage of Rs. 390,000 and Fire Safety Engineers Rs. 201,980.


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