What is BOSIET?

BOSIET is the certificate of survival to be earned for offshore staff when setting foot on a helicopter and entering an offshore area such as a rig or installation 

What is the BOSIET training? 

The minimum requirement for offshore staff in the North Sea is BOSIET training (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training). This three-day course is intended to provide offshore staff with the skills and experience they need to operate offshore, including helicopter travel.

Four main areas are protected by the course: 

Induction of Safety

Self-rescue firefighting and

Survival at Sea with first aid

Underwater Escape Training with Helicopters (including CA-EBS)

How long does the certification of a BOSIET last?

A certificate from BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) lasts four years. You have to finish FOET training for CA-EBS before it expires, which validates the credential for a further four years. 

How long does training take for BOSIET? 

BOSIET training is a three-day course that can be booked, with lessons running every week at Clyde Training Solutions.

After training, delegates will be able to recognize general dangers unique to offshore oil and gas operations, identify key offshore safety laws, show in a virtual scenario where they can use safety devices, and follow protocols to demonstrate sea survival and first aid methods in readiness for and during helicopter emergencies. 

What is HUET?

A central component of BOSIET and FOET training is HUET ). As a standalone course, we give it, but it is also included in the realistic side of your preparation, so there is no need to book it separately. 

The HUET course is tailored for people who do not need a complete BOSIET or FOET. Usually, if you are operating on a vessel and do not need a complete BOSIET or FOET according to the particular training needs of your company, this course would be required. We will often ask the person to get guidance from their recruiting firm about what course they really need. The whole HUET module is included in the BOSIET, so if you carry a legitimate BOSIET or FOET you do not need the HUET as a separate tr.



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